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    Summertime Means...

    Friday, June 22, 2012


    Summer means much less scheduling and more free time. The school year is fun, but don't y'all feel like you're trying to fit too much into already pretty full days? I know that sometimes we do.

    Thank goodness for summer! The lazier days, the longer nights, sleeping in, and heading out. That we're also benefiting fully from the fabulous California weather means we have absolutely no complaints!

    We do like to keep the children a little occupied. A weekly activity outside of the home here, volunteering there, but nothing that keeps them too busy. This is their time for laid-back fun, frivolity, and family.

    Take a peak at what we've been up to!

    Eldest finished her sixth grade year making Honor Roll, achieving straight A's, and a enjoying triumphant volleyball season! She loved being a Volley Dolly, but she's ready to move onto new things in the next year...like basketball & track.


    The scallywag got his summer haircut the day after his fourth birthday. After all, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a fancy new do. Thanks Daddy for the great fauxhawk! Can you tell how much he loves it?


    One of the wonderful things about our neighborhood is the amazing playground and park at the front. We've spent several days just playing away until we've been ready. To. Drop.


    Of course, sometimes certain smaller people have "Jack"ccidents when they get a little too enthusiastic in their play. Thank goodness for the TLC that comes from big sister!


    And of course, no summer day would be complete without snowball stands put together by neighborhood kids or a trip to our local Sweet XO for frozen yogurt. The little guy loves grabbing a seat on the wrought iron benches while we wait~with a popped collar. Because that's how he rolls.


    This is all the tip of our summer iceberg, of course, but it's all pretty loose despite our plans. And that's just the way we like it!

    What summer fun do you have in store?

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    Summertime Means...