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    And Speaking of Southern Living...

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Y'all do know about their new cookbook coming out on August 21st, don't you?

    Take a look won't you, and tell me you're not a click away from pre-ordering your copy from Amazon right this minute. Because I know this girl is.


    Southern Living's Official SEC Cookbook? Heck, yes, I'll take one!

    With Twitter all a-flutter with SEC discussion and football fashion jumping off the pages of Pinterest, there aren't many people out there not clamoring for football season to begin. Thank goodness it's just around the corner!

    This cookbook isn't helping my patience, but it's going to be a treat to turn the pages when it arrives on our doorstep. We may even have to test out a few of the recipe's just to get ready for our Rebel season.

    And considering Ole Miss *is* most known for their pretty girls, elegant tailgating traditions, and festive food fare, I cannot wait to see how my alma mater is represented! Can I get a rousing Hotty Toddy from my fellow Rebels out there?

    A fabulous Wednesday to you all, and may the football season hurry up and arrive!

    2 Responses to “
    And Speaking of Southern Living...

    Ruth said...

    HOTTY TODDY!! I would love if it had the 12 teams and didn't include the new ones.
    Oh and this would just be a perfect surprise to show up on the sister from another mother's door step. :)

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    I completely agree~on all counts! Love you, sis.