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    Cupcakes for Breakfast

    Friday, July 13, 2012

    Because sometimes it must be done.

    When Husband surprised us with Crumb's cupcakes last night, it was past the time to eat any sugar, but someone with his sharp brown eyes spied them on the counter this morning.

    After a moment of debate I thought to myself, why not? We've never done it before~let's have some fun!


    And fun was definitely had by all!

    I took it one step further, though, figuring since we were already breaking the rules, why not make this cupcape breakfast an experience? Out came the pretty dishes, the pressed linens, the polished silver forks. And if they were here instead of Oxford, I would have most certainly poured the juice into our Waterford stems.

    Regardless, it was a delicious break from our normal morning meal, and one we'll have to repeat with Eldest.

    I'm not advocating that anyone eat like this often. As I said, we've never done it before. But if you have children, sometimes it's nice to break from your normal routine and do something decadent and fun. Unexpected. You'll be surprised by how much everyone will enjoy it~not to mention how these frivolous moments will most certainly make your spirit feel lighter.

    I'll say this for our sweet breakfast: dining on cupcakes has never been quite so elegant!

    Happy Friday the 13th, all!

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    Cupcakes for Breakfast

    Ruth said...

    Now that makes for a fun morning