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    Red, Black, & Blue

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Good morning all and Happy July 5th!

    I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating America yesterday. As both Eldest and Husband were away our 4th was a tad unconventional, but since the scallywag earned some new stars and stripes of boyhood in the form of scrapes and bruises, it was a very typical holiday.

    Our friends asked us to a local park for a Fourth of July pancake breakfast and parade~two things I knew my son would be into. It sounded like a lot of fun, and jumping right in, we accepted the invitation and decided to enjoy our morning in traditional 4th fashion.


    I'm very glad we did. Other than a minor incident, it was wonderful!

    Between the rousing music celebrating our nation, the friendly and laughter-filled conversation, and the delicious morning meal, our day was off to a great start.


    The scallywag and his good friend, Aaron, had fun running around after their breakfasts, and while others began preparations for the parade, we quickly moved to one of the playgrounds with Aaron's older siblings.


    They're such sweet children. We're really happy that Eldest and the scallywag have found such great people as friends.


    There was a rather large hiccup (aka the earning of more boyhood stripes) when a 9 year old built like a linebacker decided to jump on one of the play suspension bridges. He did it rather violently, and as my little guy was trying to cross it, he was knocked around pretty badly. He was hurt and scared, though he quickly bounced back after I cleaned him up.


    My son is one tough little guy.

    Lord, he looked rough. My heart hurt when I looked at him, and then and there we almost left. When your child takes blows to the head and face, you tend to really worry. But he was having a blast, and there was still a parade he wanted to be a part of. Not to mention he was okay. He looked as if he'd gone a few rounds with a bobcat and lost, but he really was okay.

    Once the other boys and girls began rallying to the center of the park, our spirits quickly lifted. Soon children were riding decorated bikes or sitting in wagons as we wove around the park. Stars and stripes were everywhere~as were the smiles.


    Adults and children alike walked and cheered. The scallywag and Aaron eventually jumped out of their wagon, tiring of the ride, and held my hands. They took turns holding their American flag, waving as they marched along. It was good patriotic fun.

    Of course the merriment wasn't quite over! Children played after the parade while parents chatted, watching a hilarious water-ballooon sling-shot war erupt between two groups of friends. Men, it seems, really enjoy their water balloon warfare . There was raucous laughter, wild cheering, and not one person walked away dry. There were also many "Atta boy"'s. It was completely worth seeing, though, and a nice way to top off our morning.


    The scallywag was properly hosed down when we arrived home. Cleaned up, lathered with polysporin, and sleepy, I can attest that he was almost asleep before he hit the pillow.

    It was a sure sign of a very good morning~even with the scrapes and bruises.


    This morning we're taking it easy~the little guy's face is a bit sore~but we may hit the water park later this afternoon. As long as he's up for it and he feels all right, I'll take my little one where he wants to go.

    Have a happy Thursday, friends! I'll see y'all soon.

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    Red, Black, & Blue

    JMW said...

    Oh no! Poor little guy. Glad to hear he felt better, though. My little guy always took a tumble and scapped up his face just in time for school photos or other events. I'm sure you're looking forward to your daughter's return, although I imagine she is having a fantastic time. (I bet she misses you, too, though.)

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    My hat is off to you for not killing that nine year old.

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    JMW~I was the same way, much to the dismay of my mother. I earned a particularly nasty cut on my cheek the weekend of my First Communion and all of my pictures had to be taken from the right side so no one would see it. As for Jackson, this has to be part of the "rough and tumble" you hear about when it comes to little boys. It never gets any easier, though. Madeline is having a blast in New Orleans, but yes, it is going to be so nice to be able to hug her and hear her voice around here once again! Just 8 more days...

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Mrs. Cozy Home~I nearly did have words with the young boy, but I didn't for two reasons.

    1.) The friend who invited us to the celebration knew him and gave him a firm talking to as soon as she saw what happened. She kind of beat me to the punch.


    2.) My friend explained after that this 9 year old has a severe mental delay in regards to actions and consequences. He can be sweet as pie, but is often very impulsive and doesn't consider the outcome of his actions. I saw it clear as day throughout the rest of the morning~he was knocking into everyone, forcing a girl younger than Jackson off the sidewalk during the parade so he could speed by on his bike.

    Thankfully Jackson is a tough little guy and bounced back quickly. He was more upset that I removed him from the playground than at his injuries.

    I am sympathetic to the young boy with his delays, truly I am, but I did wish that since he has such serious impulse issues his parents or guardians had been with him. It was pretty obvious that they needed to be with him.

    Ruth said...

    I am glad the little guy is okay. and that the two of you had a wonderful 4th.
    I hope Maddy is feeling better.