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    That Parent

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Whenever one of my children is sick or hurt I turn into "That Parent".

    You know the one. You may even be one.

    "That Parent" is the mother or father who changes from the loving authority figure into a magical genie who bends over backwards to grant wishes all in the name of comfort.

    If this means turning your four year old's soccer goal into a tent so he can continue in his indoor camping phase and do so comfortably, then you may be "That Parent".

    If this means reading the same story over and over again so your child can sleep better, then you may be "That Parent".

    If this means letting your child eat two mini cupcakes with his lunch instead of one because you need to apply their medicine after they're done, then you may be "That Parent".

    If this means you let your child fall asleep in bed with you that night because they need to feel comforted, then you may be "That Parent".


    I'm a-okay with coddling my children when they're not well, or in the scallywag's case, resembling a patchwork quilt. Extra hugs, lots of snuggles, chocolate kisses, and the brightest smile in the world as a show of appreciation...

    In what reality are these bad things?

    My name is Elizabeth Quon, and I am delighted to be "That Parent".

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    That Parent

    Bella Michelle said...

    I think every child needs "That Parent" from time to time! Hope the little man recovers quickly!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Thanks so much! Other than looking really rough, the little guy is doing well. Have a wonderful weekend