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    Oh, the Places We've Been

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    With Eldest starting Junior High next Wednesday, and Husband off for the past two weeks, we've been taking in some of southern California's lovely sights.

    From the casual glamour of Santa Barbara,


    to the majestic landscapes and sights from the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum, we've been go, go, going!


    The weather has been very copperative~reaching back into the high 70's even today~ which makes it impossible for us to ignore the call of the road. So guess where we're heading?

    The L.A. Zoo! It won't be the Audubon by any means, but with this glorious weather, how can we pass up the opportunity to visit? We're all excited and can't wait to show you more pictures from our many mini-trips.

    A happy Friday to you all! See you soon!