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    We're Here...

    Monday, August 13, 2012

    But we're not!

    It's been a summer of being absent from the computer (which is never a bad thing), but every now and then I get an itch to pop in and say hello!

    Hello, friends and loved ones!


    Truth be told my absence is harder on our not-so-local family members than me, so I've promised extra diligence during the upcoming school year. And what a year it is shaping up to be!

    I'd love to say more, but we're off to Santa Barbara today for some fun and cooler weather. Mother is with us and we expect to come back with pretty pictures, full tummies, and funny stories~or so I hope! Four year olds are unpredictable little people.


    A lovely day to you all. Stay cool, stay safe, and for those of you not already in school, enjoy your end of summer.

    Gorgeous beach town here we come!

    4 Responses to “
    We're Here...

    Katie @ Team Skelley said...

    I cannot believe that the little munchkin is already four!!!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Oh Katie, I feel the same way! He embraces being the baby, though, so he acts plenty young still. Ha! I hope all three of us girls can get together sometime soon.



    Your Southern Peach said...

    Glad you're enjoying summer and good luck with the upcoming school year!

    Ruth said...

    GEtting close to one month.