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    Easing Into Atumn

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    When September made her debut, my thoughts immediately went into Autumn mode. Pumpkin spice latte's, cooler weather, Fall clothes...Come on y'all! Don't tell me your pulses didn't begin to race a little faster when you realized Autumn was just around the corner.

    It doesn't hurt that all of my magazine favorites have settled right into it as well. Halloween seems to be a big focus~and that's fine by me since we're neighboring October. But there are a few items I can't wait to wear, a few things I'd like to try. Like these yarn pumpkins...


    I know it's been done before, but I love the soft appearance. The neutral color is a plus as well. They'd make lovely centerpieces all the way through Thanksgiving.


    Brie and cranberry tartletts. Oh my goodness these sound amazing! The sweet and the tartness of the cranberry, the smooth, nutty creaminess of the brie~there is no way this this won't be good. It's also really simple, so why not put out a plate of these to tide the family over while dinner is being prepared?


    Decorating our mantle. Okay...I actually took care of this one already! Check!


    I'm also excited about donning this pretty scarf! The great thing about California is that year round the mornings and evenings are really cool. When we get into the cooler months it stays that way 24/7. This scarf is a classic navy plaid and though oversized, it's also light-weight. I'm looking forward to wearing it with a navy or white cable-knit and some riding boots.


    And what better way to transition from the sweltering summer months than with a cool and delicious cocktail. A little cider rum punch fits the bill with its crisp apple taste! I cannot wait to have a few girlfriends over and sip this over a good gab session.

    So what about you? What are you doing to welcome in the cooler days ahead? I'd love to know!

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    Easing Into Atumn

    Suburban Princess said...

    You are so far ahead of me! I am still wearing summer clothes hoping it stays warm enough to get away with it! Tonight I think I must get my closet organized and pull out some warmer clothes.

    Hope you are enjoying life in LA! I am determined to blog more and keep up with all my bloggies again!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Ha! Honey, the heat set into Cali about a month ago and we still have a few weeks before the cool of Autumn really sets in, but we consider this our version of a rain dance...only it's an Autumn dance.

    That said, I totally understand why you're holding onto your summer days. It gets so much colder where you are! I hope your warm days linger as long as possible and you're able to enjoy every moment.

    Take care, sweet friend, and thanks for the well-wishes. The same to you and yours!



    Ruth said...

    You forgot the best part my visit. ha!!