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    Every Home Needs...

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Pillow baskets.


    It sounds silly, I know, but stay with me. If you're anything like me, you have multiple pillows around your home. They're on your beds, sofas, chairs. You may even use them on your floors as extra seating. Most of them are probably functional, but chances are a few are also there for aesthetic reasons.


    Okay, perhaps more than a few. I know that's how it is in each of our bedrooms. While Ruth was here I joked about finding a better place to put the extras when the beds were in use. The words "pillow basket" were uttered, and though a side-eye was thrown, I was convinced the idea had merit.

    I'm standing by that decision and this is why: with the exception of the master, all of the bedrooms in our home are small. Space and storage are very limited. Currently the little guy has pillows all over his floor since his closet is already full. And when we have guests, the floor is just littered with the extra fluff.


    Enter the pillow baskets. Whatever your price point, find a well-sized basket that suits your needs. Paint it if you want or leave it as is. Either way your pillows will have a place and your floor will be (a little) less cluttered.

    As a mother who has a little boy that still wakes in the middle of the night every now and then, anything that makes the trek across his room a bit less treacherous is a very good thing!

    And it's exactly what our home needs.

    4 Responses to “
    Every Home Needs...

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    That'a a fine idea!

    Casey Liadis said...

    this is such a great idea. Once we get a bigger place, I'll plan to make one and put our throw blankets in there, too!

    Ruth said...

    I am glad you found one for Jaxs room. Now the mission for my room.

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    To the Mrs.~Thank you! I thought so as well.

    Casey~Exactly! We have a huge basket in our living room that is super pretty, but being used as a catch-all for the toys. One day we'll reclaim the house and have a basket in there for our many blankets.

    Ruth~It's hard to find a tall, large basket, but I think High Street Market makes one that would fit the bill.