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    A Little Illumination

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    Sometimes you don't see certain things until you step back. Maybe it takes a fresh set of eyes or a picture, but whatever the case may be, once your eyes are opened, you wonder how you ever missed it. Dont' worry, friends. This is not going to be a deep post. It's actually about a pair of lamps. Eldest's, to be specific.

    When I was putting her dresser back in order we thought everything looked great. Eldest was pleased as punch as I took pictures. She arranged a few things, edited what was on display. We looked at the pictures together, commenting on what we loved, what we'd do differently if skies were the limit. Then we came to this picture and stopped.


    "Wow. That's a lot of color and a lot of...not color." It's not the most eloquent way to describe what we saw, but it was accurate. I even commented upon it in my blog post. With the bright splash of color created by the new bulletin board everything else seemed to look washed out. There was only one way to pull it together: dressing up the lampshades.


    All it took was a trip to Jo-Ann's. Once I returned with this fabulous bright yellow pleated trim, I plugged in the hot glue gun and began to work. It took only minutes, and the end result...well...I'll let you decided for yourself. Eldest, however, is in heaven!



    Have a bright and lovely Friday!

    2 Responses to “
    A Little Illumination

    Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

    What a fabulously simple way of dressing up the lamp without much effort! Genius. I am going to try and remember this!

    Ruth said...

    They turned out wonderful