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    A Pre-School Art Book

    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

    When your children are young, they bring home countless crafts and projects from school. You put them on the fridge, a bulletin board, in a pictures frame, and then more art comes home. Before you know it, you have piles of precious paper on every surface in your house. Every parent can relate to this. The question is this: what do you do with it all?

    I saved Eldest's favorite pieces from her pre-school days, but with the scallywag's own masterpieces constantly coming home, it's something I've been considing quite a lot lately. Where can I put it all? Then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest. Tell me if you remember this one because it really made the rounds.


    Making a book out of your child's art is brilliant. Not only does it preserve every piece they've created, but it also provides a timeless, stylish, and space-saving keepsake. Give them to grandparents at Christmas, your spouse for their birthday, or even to your child as a "just because". They will think it is so cool to have a book featuring their works of art!

    Since September I've been using Snapfish to create a book out of my son's artwork. Every week I take a picture or scan his latest pieces, then upload them onto our saved book project. I always type in a title and the date he created it. By the time May rolls around we're going to have an amazing tome of 4 year old masterpieces! The hardest part may be figuring out the cover art.


    Gosh, I wish this was around when Eldest was younger. But just because it wasn't doesnt mean I can't make her a book as well. I'm very glad that her art from pre-school was saved. I know what I may be putting together for her 13th birthday!

    As a parent, I highly recommend using this as a method of keeping your children's art. It's very simple, and when you're done you'll have a book filled with a colorful glimpse into their imagination during a precious time in their lives!

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    A Pre-School Art Book

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    Absolutely fantastic idea. You should see my files and files of artwork!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Honey, I can only imagine. I bet you could make a series of books! This art book has really helped me to de-clutter our art piles and as I'm almost finished with my son's 3 year old artwork book I'll be down one more!

    So glad to have offered some borrowed inspiration. Have a lovely day and stay warm Mrs. CH!