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    Happy Mater's Feast Day!

    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    One of the best gifts my parents ever gave me was my Sacred Heart education. I was blessed to attend this Catholic school in New Orleans for 15 years. And for 15 years there were friendships made, relationships established, masses celebrated, and feast days enjoyed.

    One of those most near and dear to everyone's heart was the feast day of Mater Admirabilis.


    You may know her as Mary. On this particularly special feast day, we'd celebrate Mater by wearing pink as she did, praising her in mass, and enjoying a sugary treat afterwards called "gouter".

    It was the hope of our teachers that we would try to appreciate all that Mater represented in her portrait: kindness, serenity, prayerfulness, the ability to be contemplative. We should try to apply those same practices to our own lives. It wasn't always easy, and many times we failed miserably. You can imagine how it could get at an all girls school. But the lessons we learned, the songs we sang, they remain in our hearts even to this day.

    I'm not sure what my parents hoped I would take from my years at the Rosary, but what I carry with me today are the lessons I learned about being a sister, and now a mother. There are just some things that resonate in your being for the rest of your life. There are words you never forget, and the feelings they evoke get stronger with each passing year. I hold Mater's attributes close to my heart, and do my best to live my life according to them every day. It is now my turn to try and be a mother most admirable, and teach my own children about Mater Admirabilis.

    Happy Mater's Feast Day to all of my sisters around the world!

    Thou hast many portraits, Mother.
    All of them are dear to us,
    But our girlhood chiefly loves thee in thy girlhood beauty, thus.
    And thy sweetest title this, and thy sweetest title this:
    Mater Admirabilis, Mater Admirabilis!

    Open book and distaff tell us
    Thou hast labored, too, as we.
    Let our hand and mind, sweet mother,
    Work for Jesus, and for Thee.
    Make us Thine and therefore His, make us Thine and therefore His.
    Mater Admirabilis, Mater Admirabilis!

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    Happy Mater's Feast Day!

    suburban prep said...

    It has been some time but I went to 16 years of Catholic schooling. I went to a sacred Heart school for grade school and then another Sacred Heart school for high school.
    Thank you for your explanation of such an important day in the Sacred Heart tradition.

    tknola78 said...

    Love it Beth! Stole your facebook status today. Happy Feast Day! Much love, Tricia