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    Of Petting Zoos & Pumpkin Patches

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Once again we're finding ourselves in the midst of an Indian summer. It's not great for those of us lingering in the memory of last week's cold spell, but it was perfect for yesterday's petting zoo and pumpkin patch visit.


    Every year Kolbe's Korner hosts both a little petting zoo and a pumpkin patch on site. It's perfect for two reasons: one, we don't have to worry about travelling with the little ones, and two, it makes it possible for siblings to visit and enjoy the fun as well. This year was extra special to us since the scallywag was able to participate. Last year he was really sick and missed everything.


    To my surprise the scallywag was really into it. He's a little sensitive to smells and not fond of smaller things that give chase, so it was amazing to watch him go to every animal and pet them. He was tickled pink!


    From chickens and ducks, to kid goats and miniature horses, the little guy and his friends excitedly went around and met some of their favorite barnyard animals. They were even able to pet a small alpaca.


    But the highlight~without a doubt~was his first horse ride.


    On his trusty steed named Smokey, the scallywag giggled in delight as he was walked in circle after circle.


    He was so happy.


    Of course, the morning wasn't over. After singing "Five Little Pumpkins", the children and their teachers went to the pumpkin patch and picked away!


    By adventures end, everyone was hot, dirty, and exhausted. They were also very happy. I heard this morning from a few parents that their children hadn't slept so soundly in quite a while! I know my son passed out quickly. And I'm also sure he had lots of sweet dreams about playing with the baby animals and the pumpkins.


    What sweet memories!

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    Of Petting Zoos & Pumpkin Patches

    Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

    What fun for the kids!

    Ruth said...

    What a fun time for the kids. I love the delighted look he has riding the horse.