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    Scenes From Our Home

    Friday, October 26, 2012

    With the scallywag hit by round two of a virus that's been going around, it goes without saying that we have become professional homebodies. It's okay. Really. I'm not complaining about the extra snuggle and play time. Plus, I want him to be able to enjoy all the Halloween festivities next week. He's been doing much better over the past two days, but as he's still on quarantine for the next day or so, to avoid feeling couped up, I've kept busy during his naps and at night.


    It's been really cold in the mornings and evenings, and this wonderfully soft cable-knit throw from Target's Threshold line is terrific for snuggling under. Of course, bundling yourself under a blanket can only be made better by a great book. If you love interior design and enjoy good stories, Nate Berkus's book "The Things That Matter" is for you. The most inspiring tale of the bunch? Chris Gardner's story. If you saw "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith, you'll remember that it was a true story based on Gardner's life. It's sad, but inspiring. And to see how far hard work, firm ethics, and a strong heart can take one person is amazing. Oh, and his home? Phenomenal.


    I added some extra touches to our mantle. Michael's took 60% off their Fall greenery, and with an extra 40% off coupon I had in my purse it all cost less than $5.00. I am rocking with the deals these days!


    As for the very blank canvas covered by craft paper, let's just say I'm waiting until the weekend to let the children get creative with some Autumnal colored paints from the Dollar Tree. I'm anticipating a very large "Happy Fall Y'all!" by the weekends end!


    And because of how well Eldest's bulletin board turned out, the scallywag is getting two of his own. You remember yesterday's post on his artwork? A lot of it will go on his boards once they're finished. I can't wait to show y'all how they turn out.


    Our coffee table is the new catch-all for my son's toys. His cars are constantly racing around the corners, his crayons always seem to land on its surface. Trying to put a little something else on their is near impossible. Using this lovely bowl from Home Goods, I cut a piece of the garland on the mantle and dropped it in. It works and best yet, the scallywag thinks it's a little jungle adventure area for his toys and animal friends. Thanks Diego.


    I am counting our lucky stars that Eldest is the picture of health. I don't know if it's a girl/boy thing or if it's just how their bodies work, but my two children couldn't be any more different health-wise. Eldest never catches anything. She didn't even inherit any allergies, which, considering her parentage is nothing short of a miracle. But my poor boy...ah, my son. While it's nowhere near as bad as last year, he does pick things up much more easily.

    This, of course, is why we'll be at home for at least one more day. Fingers crossed, he'll be fine for his school's Trunk or Treat on Saturday night! If he's not, though, I'm sure we'll find plenty to do around the house.

    Take care friends. Stay healthy, be safe, and enjoy a lovely weekend ahead.

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    Scenes From Our Home

    Ruth said...

    I hope he is better for the fun tomorrow night. I love the cable knit look and now I must see if I can find one.

    Meg said...

    Nate Berkus has a target line out right now -


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