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    A Wish List for Mom & Daddy's Visit

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Today my parents touch down in L.A.! I am so excited. For the next two weeks we'll be painting the town red and enjoying every blessed moment. While they're here, we'll have quite a few things to do. But here are just a few that I'm personally looking forward to!



    1. Baking with my mother and children.
    2. Donning appropriate Fall clothes since it's finally turned cold.
    3. Taking tea with my two favorite girls.
    4. Finally getting to celebrate our 13th anniversary with my husband.
    5. Thanksgiving!
    6. Getting to sleep in...a little.
    7. Enjoying evening cocktails with my family as our days wind down.
    8. Game nights! Mexican train dominos is our game of choice.
    9. Putting up the first Christmas decorations together once Thanksgiving has passed.

    The music, the hot buttered rum, and most of all, the company. I couldn't be happier.

    Truly, there are many more moments I can't wait to enjoy with my parents: taking early morning coffee's together, taking the scallywag to school with one another, travelling to our favorite haunts. But if I had to choose my favorites, the nine above are the tip of the top!

    Just like my parents. I'll see y'all around! Toodles!

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    A Wish List for Mom & Daddy's Visit

    Gramspearls said...

    Have a wonderful time with your parents. I love the posts when they visit....it is so festive.

    You are blessed!

    Warmly, Kathleen