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    Anniversary Date Night

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Nothing is ever quite as nice as a date night with your spouse!


    From dinner at a first-rate restaurant to viewing a movie in a high-end theatre, Husband and I had a marvelous evening celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. We're a few weeks behind schedule, but with Mom and Daddy watching the children we went all out; being catered to with top-notch food at The Grill, and waited on by valet's at the new Cinepolis Theatre.

    All I have to say is this friends: your movie expeirence will never be the same once you've been able to recline in a plush lounger for the duration of an entire film. It was such a fun experience! And it was only made better by our valet bringing us milkshakes and hot chocolates. It was a treat to be waited on, and as it was our anniversary evening, also well-deserved.

    Celebrating us had never been more relaxing and delightful!

    Cheers to you my darling Husband. Here's to commemorating many more years of joy and happiness together!