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    Glimspes of Christmases Past

    Monday, November 26, 2012

    As we prepare to begin our 25 Days of Christmas and deck the halls, I can't help but look back at our past Christmases fondly. We've lived in many interesting cities and been blessed to live amazing countries. We've gotten into the habit of decorating with different colors, and using them throughout our homes. It's not unusual for me to give into a whim and just enjoy where the festive hues take me! Here's a look at our Christmas decor in years past.

    In Charlotte, we celebrated our last Christmas stateside with vibrant shades of orange. It added warmth to our home and burned bright even when the flames in the hearth were low.




    As our high-rise apartment was a staggering 1500 square feet (huge by Japanese standards), we brought very little with us to Tokyo. We did, however, bring our gilded Christmas tree plates, Eldest's table-top tree, some new cable-knit stockings, and our love for orange. We added a dash of cranberry for a contemporary twist to our tree. It fit perfectly with the modern aesthetic of the apartment.



    Once we moved back to the US~to California if we're going to be precise~I decided to go in an entirely new direction. I let our surroundings be our guide, and with shades of the starry Hollywood sky, the ocean, and some fashionable houndstooth in mind, turned our home into a soft, yet glitzy Christmas tableau.



    With our first year of California living under our belt, we've decided to go in yet another direction this year. We'll be using most of our old decorations for what I'm calling traditional glamour. What does that mean? Lots of magnolia-like leaves, houndstooth, and oodles of cream, silver, and gold!

    Look for glimpses of our home as we begin our 25 Days of Christmas.

    What will you be doing to decorate your home this year? I'd love to know!

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    Glimspes of Christmases Past

    Denyse said...

    Love the orange! We are ditching the red this year and going with the colors that are already a part of our normal decor: turquoise blue and green. Lauren was against it at first, but now that the mantel, front door and dining table have been decorated (that's as far as we've gotten) she has had a change of heart. We also threw in some silver. Have fun!

    Ruth said...

    Hey you forgot Memphis.

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