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    Halloween Parades & Costume Fun

    Friday, November 2, 2012

    I love Halloween. The scary movies, the food and treats, and my favorite part: seeing the children dress up to take them trick or treating. It's so much fun and the memories made? Priceless.


    At the scallywag's school it's made even more fun as they all get to march in a very special Halloween Parade. My little boy loved it. Not only did he get to march on Tuesday,





    but he was able to participate on Halloween as well!




    His costume became his second skin. To say he was ready for the full Halloween experience would be an understatement. Of course, Eldest and I were ready to play as well!

    Before the big night out, we met at our friends house to enjoy dinner. The girls played, as did the little ones, and before we knew it the evening was upon us.



    The girls went off with a parent trailing a respectable distance behind, while the scallywag and I gave our thanks, heading home to see Husband and begin handing out candy.

    Eldest and her girls met up with myself and scallywag at one point, then they went to Chambord, another neighborhood. It's filled with Hollywood executives and studio people so their decor is out. Of. Sight. I wish I'd gone, and from what I heard from Eldest, it was an amazing time. Next year!

    My little guy and I had such a fun time wandering home to home. He was such a charmer and polite as could be. He was the perfect Captain America! As you'd expect, however, the entire exciting 48 hours wiped him out. And before bedtime stories were even read, sweet boy was fast asleep.


    So precious.

    Eldest returned home later that evening, also exhausted, but really happy. We all were! We all had a very Happy Halloween, and hope you did, too.


    Have a lovely weekend all!

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    Halloween Parades & Costume Fun

    Ruth said...

    Yep he was really tired to fall asleep without bedtime stories.