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    Instagram: Beauty Through the Eyes of Others

    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    With all the to-do over the election I decided to decompress for a day. No TV, no newspapers, and for the most part, no social media. After touching base with a few people on Facebook early in the morning, I shut it all down. The only thing I checked on occasionally was Instagram.

    I love pictures of what people find most inspiring, and yesterday, seeing beauty through the eyes of others was something I needed. Instead of being swept up in the post-electoral hubbub, I spent time with what I find to be most beautiful: family, friends, and prayer.

    My day ended with a stroll through some of my favorite pictures from recent weeks. For one reason or another they make me smile. There are good memories associated with each and in my book, seeing the smiling faces of my family was the perfect way to end my day.

    Captain America wants to remind you all to vote your conscience today!

    Bringing home a beautiful fall arrangement.

    Making hot chocolate on a stick together. Love their closeness! It makes my heart happy.

    Javkson's Halloween s'mores gift bags are ready to be passed out tomorrow! #pinterestwin

    The red cup is back! Gingerbread lattes for everyone everywhere!!!!!

    Because we love the gothic look...

    He didn't fall asleep in the car today. He fell asleep in his favorite chair.

    A rustic quiche florentine-it's what's for dinner!

    Happy happy joy joy!!

    On the beaches in Santa Monica. Happy Fall Y'all!

    Enjoying a little after-dinner moscato with campaign cupcakes.

    Even with little brother photo bombing them, the girls were ready for tonight's dance. Love these girls!

    My daughter...She's growing so fast.

    He may not have woken up happy, but my sweet bebe is sweet as a peach now'

    You can follow me on Instagram @thesouthernlady or online at instagram.com/thesouthernlady. Each picture will give you a further glimpse into moments of my day.

    Have a lovely Friday everyone. Here's to capturing beautiful moments.