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    Looking Back on Thanksgiving~Instagram Style

    Sunday, November 25, 2012

    This gal is ready to Hotty Toddy with all the Rebels today! #lovingthisblouse

    Waking up her culinary sense at The Grove and feeling very happy!

    Still thinking about Thanksgiving...

    Drapes are finally going up-a lovely latte velvet-and a new oil painting find for $10 has a new home. #gettingreadyformyparents

    In the shade of a palm tree and I'm cool as can be...loving la vida L.A.

    A Thanksgiving coffee bar-we're almost ready to host our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Feast!

    So I was cornered by a woman with a ceramic hair straightener. Best ambush ever!

    Surprise! We are thankful for the thoughtful gestures and well-wishes of family. Thank you Uncle Dewey & Aunt Fran! The flowers are a beautiful addition to a beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving to you as we'll!

    And we're off for a day of fun and play! Toodles, all, we'll be seeing you later.

    Guess who's getting these monogrammed? Fabulous pajamas with gold polka dots are perfect for the Holidays!

    Jackson crawled through the Berlin Wall.

    Farewell Autumn wreath! You brought light and beauty to our doorstep every day. We'll see you next year!

    Someone is feeling very giddy about the Holidays!

    We are Ole Miss and this is OUR state! Hotty Toddy Rebels!!!! Congratulations on the amazing win.

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    Now that Thanksgiving has been celebrated, we're turning our attention to the Christmas season. Our family has a very special project we'll be working on and tomorrow we'll be sharing it with you! I hope you join us.

    A lovely Sunday to you all!