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    Rocking the Vote

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    Today is a very big day! Today we're all able to cast our vote for the next President of the United States. The children are 4 years older since the last election, and this time they were thrilled to be part of the action. Both came to our neighborhood school to watch me vote.


    We're all showing our voters pride!

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again: no matter who you prefer, get out there and vote. It's a privilege to choose the leaders of this country, and if you're enthusiastic about the democratic process, you'll have your own little constituents eager for the day they can cast their own ballot.


    Encourage your children to tell you what they think about the candidates, let them hold their own polls with their friends. Do what you can to show them that voting is an enjoyable right, not an dreary obligation.

    If you have them, and if you can, take your children with you today as you vote. Show them how to rock it.


    Happy Election Day everyone!

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    Rocking the Vote

    Denyse said...

    Tried to post earlier from my phone, but lost it! Great taking the kids. Lauren has been voting with me since she was in a carrier! "We" voted early last week. Took us an hour and a half, but worth every minute! We got to know the folks around us a bit and the fellowship with the other voters, who we probably won't ever see again and whose votes went different ways, was priceless. Lauren did a project in her American History class where she had to outline the cadindates' platforms on a variety of issues and after doing this write an opinion paper on whom they would vote if they could. Some of her friends wrote that paper before looking into any of the issues and Lauren was incredulous as to how they could do this without first doing their reseach. They were also told not to vote as their parents would, but rather based on their information. I can say that at least one student did! Keep taking them to vote!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    You know, there are times that I want to weep for the future. Le sigh. I get that homework/projects can sometimes be tedious, but to not try and learn about such an important event in our nation's history...I'm with Lauren. Madeline would be, too. Ha! I love that y'all treat election day as we do: as a family affair. I think learning to have a passion for our rights starts at home and clearly Lauren gets it. It is~in the words of Martha~a very good thing. I bet she learned so much and has so much anticipation as it comes closer to her time to vote. What a special girl! You and John must be so proud of her. Enjoy your evening and happy election day!



    Ruth said...

    I am so glad the kids got to go. I still remembering going once as a kid and watching the parents do apsentee ballots for years