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    A Country Club Christmas Party

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Tomorrow night is The Westlake Juniors Christmas Party and I am so excited! From what I understand, those in charge tend to go all out, so it should be no surprise that tomorrow evening we ladies will be wining and dining at Wood Ranch Country Club.


    Breathtaking, isn't it? As it's surrounded by mountains and lush, sloping valleys, the view must be amazing. I cannot wait to see it for myself.

    As this is a night out for the girls, and it is a festive shindig, I decided to go for glitz and glam. It all started with a simple plum colored dress and snowballed from there! I accessorized with shades of copper to add warmth to the outfit, and I promise, I'll be putting up some pictures later~y'all just keep an eye out!


    I am so ready for this evening out. I count my blessings to be surrounded by so many amazing women from different walks of life. Every time we gather, a wonderful time is had by all! I'm ready to jingle my bells!

    I'll see everyone tomorrow for Day Ten of our 25 Days of Christmas!

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    A Country Club Christmas Party

    The Yuppie Files said...

    Love the outfit you put together! Purple & gold- my favorite combination!

    Ruth said...

    Stylish as always. I hope you have a blast