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    Day Four: Toys for Tots

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    Have you ever tried to explain to your young child what it's like to be without something? It's a little difficult. Because they've never been without, it's a very foreign concept to take in. But when they do begin to understand it's pretty mind blowing. It was hard for my son to grasp that there are children his age, and both younger and older, that are without some of childhoods simple joys. Like toys. The hundreds of little things that he plays with every day, that we all trip over, are things that many children are don't have.


    As a mother, it hurts my heart to think of all the little ones who have never had their first Barbie or their first Hot Wheels. The imagination is a wonderful thing, and if these children are fortunate, they'll have parents who help compensate for what they're lacking in the toy department. But we know that's not always the case. Toys are instruments for learning, socializing, sharing, comforting. Children don't need a lot, but they should have some.

    Feeling this way made it a simple task to choose our next way to give.


    When Eldest's school posted signs for their annual Toys for Tots drive, we jumped right in. I knew the kind of play things my children would like (or would have when my daughter was younger), and went to TJ Maxx to shop for these children as if they were my own.


    I may have gotten a little caught up in my mission. Eldest needed a front door drop-off so she could unload her bags. Both children came with me as the delivery was made, and the scallywag wished the toys well in their new homes...wherever they may be.

    Though this may have been a part of our 25 Days of Christmas, you can donate to Toys for Tots October through December. Simply go to their website, look for the ways you can donate or where you can make a donation. My children were glad to see some toys go towards making other children happy, and my heart is a little lighter knowing that some very fortunate little ones are going to have a Christmas wish answered.