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    Day Three: Surprise Starbucking!

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    I like the notion of giving to others, reaching out to those in need. It suits this time of year. But so does surprise gift giving! Part of the holiday spirit is about presents as well, isn't it? Well, today we decided to do something fun and light-hearted.


    Purchasing five gift cards from Starbucks, I went around our local bookstore and hid them in five books. There was some logic to this friends. I didn't hide them so well it'd be years before they'd be found. New releases, best sellers, and of course Christmas books were the top choices, but I did hide one in the cookbook area as well. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pretty pictures of food.


    I'm feeling a bit like Kris Kringle at the moment, but more than that, I'm struck by how tickled the people who are Starbucked will feel! Wouldn't you love finding a little surprise tucked away in your new book? Hopefully, our recipients will. We left little notes inside their cards explaining our project, but chose to remain anonymous. Much as I love spreading the word about this project, the purpose is to encourage others to reach out and do the same.

    So tell me...Are y'all ready to join yet?


    2 Responses to “
    Day Three: Surprise Starbucking!

    Heather, MI said...

    Great idea Beth! I am enjoying reading how your family is spreading the love this Christmas season.

    KatiePerk said...

    Such a lovely idea!