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    Day Twenty-Five: Not So Trashy

    Friday, December 28, 2012

    Did you all think I'd forgotten about our twenty-fifth day of Christmas? No way! We did have to wait until today because of who we wanted to thank, and I think you'll all agree it's worth it.


    Without a doubt, our garbage men deserve a great deal of thanks. From the time we moved into our home, to the many times we've filled our cans to beyond capacity with boxes, recycling, and trash, they've been very understanding. I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but where we live they have very strict lid-rules. This means if your lids don't close, they won't pick up your garbage. I get it. I wouldn't want to pick up trash all over our neighborhood either. But there have been pretty irate people in the past, and after Christmas? I can't imagine people's garbage cans not overflowing.

    I've spoken of people who work in thankless jobs, and garbage men, while they do pretty well for themselves, don't get a lot of thanks for their efforts. Today they'll be cruising our neighborhood and we knew~from two weeks ago~who we wanted to thank on our 25th day.

    I also want to thank you all for coming along. This was our first journey into helping people every day and it was such a joy!! We knew it would feel good to help others, but to spread to word, to get others to pay it forward as well, it lifted our spirits up daily. Even when it we hit those rough weeks where the scallywag was sick, we were able to combine some efforts into a single day. This did mean our original plans had to change a bit, but such is life. You have to roll with the tide.

    Friends, our family loved participating in our 25 Days of Christmas. We hope you enjoyed following along, and even if we didn't hear about it, we hope you managed to get out into your community and do a little good as well. We'll be doing this again next year for sure, and hope you all come and participate. It's a tradition we'll stick to gladly.

    A very Merry Christmas season to you all and a Happy New Year!