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    Day Twenty-One: Saluting the Guards

    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    We knew the end of the world wasn't nigh yesterday, but what was coming to an end was the school year for 2012. We have a darling little elementary school in the front of our neighborhood (the same one our son will be attending next year), and every day we see two crossing guards helping children and their families safely get from one part of road to the other. They're very nice people and much like our roadside construction workers, vastly underappreciated.

    Myself? I have wonderful memories of the crossing guards from Sacred Heart. They were good-humored, helpful, made us feel shielded. They always seemed larger than life to me. So protective. From the beginning of the day until the end, they were the first and last people on the school grounds who provided a safeguard. Not that we thought about it that way. They were just the happy crossing guards who gave us high-fives and new every student and teacher by name.

    Yesterday I was watching the neighborhood crossing guards help the children to schoo, each bundled up in their coats. It was freezing! With my own fond memories fresh in my mind, I ran to get them something certain to help them through their mornings.

    Some tall hot chocolates with healthy dollops of whipped cream!


    They were so happy!!! Despite the look on her face, our female crossing guard was just delighted. She was working so our chat was brief, but we were able to talk about her son, how much they both loved the school. Before I left we exchanged well wishes for Christmas and the new year ahead, making Day 21's project a wonderful start to a great day. She waved as I drove by later that afternoon, her smile a mile wide, and her spirits seemingly sky-high. Honestly? I completely understood how she felt.

    Nothing feels quite as good as giving! Have a lovely weekend everyone.