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    Days Eighteen, Nineteen, & Twenty: Thank You's to our Public Servants

    Friday, December 21, 2012

    My son is still recovering from his virus/insanely unending fever, but since my parents are here, I've been able to do some solo missions for our "25 Days" project. It's funny that when we began to consider doing this we had a very firm list of ideas. We had them itemized day by day, but you know how life likes to throw you curveballs...Some of them we changed, some have been done in completely different weeks, and some of them we figured would be impossible tasks for one reason or another.

    Yesterday I was able to accomplish Days 18-20, and it's funny that like the last post, they all had one thing in common: they do the day to day jobs around our community that we all rely on.

    Day 18

    When it comes to saying thank you to a group of people, nothing quite gets the message across like a pink box of Gladstone's Donuts.

    Making sure there was a variety of their delectable treats, I began my afternoon by stopping at our local Volunteer Fire Department.


    There were a few people there working away, their gear stowed, trucks ready in case they were needed. But their quiet morning got an unexpected sugar rush when I, the lady with the pink box, arrived. Talk about thrilled! While I'm sure they were happy to receive the donuts, I suspect what really made their day was the thank-you note attached to the box. We really do appreciate them giving their time to keep us safe!

    Day 19

    I, the lady with a second pink box, next went to Postal Annex. It's a little shop that works in conjunction with FedEx, UPS, and regular mail delivery. They do all the regular things a post office does like notorize and take passport photos, but they also have tons of fun little knick-knacks that always keep the children occupied when I need to mail a pacakge. Robert, the owner, is a wonderful guy, and unlike most post offices, he knows everyone who walks through the doors. He and his co-workers pride themselves on knowing their customers. And we all appreciate it! To show our thanks for their always excelent customer service and generosity, they, too received a box of delightful donuts! They were so surprised by the gesture, but very thankful for the sugary treats to help them get through that day's Holiday rush.


    Day 20

    For the past couple of weeks my sympathy has been growing for the road-side construction workers by the High School. It's on a stretch of road where everyone wants to drive faster than they should, and did I mention it's by the High School? Needless to say these teenagers aren't always thankful for the work being done to make their drive safer. I'd planned on getting to them during our first week of the "25 Days", but things kept popping up. Eventually they were no longer in front of the High School, but they were a little further down the road, and facing the same grumbing drivers and teenagers en mass.
    Yesterday was our first day of actually freezing temperatures, and there they were, on a corner by the High School and the main road, working hard despite the occasional honk of a car horn and the cold. Then and there I turned around, drove to Starbucks, and got them one of the travelling coffee caraffe's. The barista's packed a second bag with cups, milk, sugar, and croissants, and off I went. Never had I seen such happy expressions on the faces of these workers. They were so grateful for the hot coffee and food, not to mention the thanks. If ever there were a group of men in need of acknowledgement and deserving of thanks for their tireless work, it was them, and it was a treat to let them know they are appreciated.

    I did have a rather embarassing moment when I tried to get their picture and my camera battery died a horrible death. Live and learn, right? Thankfully I don't really need a picture to remember the expressions on their faces. The looks of gratitude will forever be imprinted in my mind.

    Well, friends, we are in the home stretch! It's amazing how much we've done for others, and yet I'm left feeling there's still so much we can do. We'll definitely do this again next year, as it's been such a rewarding experience for us. I hope you're all enjoying the joy of these days leading to Christmas and have found ways to give to others as well.

    A lovely weekend to you all!


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    Days Eighteen, Nineteen, & Twenty: Thank You's to our Public Servants

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