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    Days Thirteen & Fourteen: Giving Thanks

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    This morning thankfulness has new meaning. I was thankful for my son's 6 AM wake up call as he ran into our bedroom. I was thankful to hear my daughter sigh as she unloaded the dishes from the party she'd thrown the night before. It was a blessing to see my children snuggle in bed, and play and eat together. Today, their voices are the sweetest music to my ears.

    If nothing else, yesterday's events reinforced how precious life is, and how precious the people in our lives are. These sentiments are very much in-line with today's "25 Days of Christmas" post.


    Last weekend our dishwasher broke. It took until Thursday for our handyman to arrive, and after a few minutes of tinkering he informed me we had to replace the entire thing. Without further ado, he took off to purchase a new one. Yes, this sounded great, but it reality it left me in bit of a pickle. The scallywag had his Christmas concert at 11:30 and as a Board Member and school photographer, I had to be there early to get a prime location for picture-taking. Enter our amazing neighbor, Shauna. When 10:55 arrived at our handyman still hadn't returned, she offered~without hesitation~to house-sit and wait for him while I went to see my bebe perform. It was a completely unselfish gesture and totally unexpected.


    Though it paled in comparison to her act of kindness, that evening the scallywag and I made her some blueberry muffins. We made sure there were enough for her family of seven, and the next morning we dropped them off with gratitude.


    The scallywag really enjoyed putting this basket together and took great pride in it. This is a great thing considering two of our projects for next week involved a nice bit of baking!



    Many people have preconceived ideas about California, and yes, some of them are true. Here's the thing... In the area where we live, it's not too terribly different from the South. The neighbors are extremely friendly, the food is fabulous, and family is everything. Even our public servants are outgoing and kind.

    Mr. Stan is our mailman, and the first day we moved in he stopped his truck, came to our front door, and introduced himself. Never had we had such an encounter. Since then, every day he arrives with a smile and a wave. He knows us by name and asks about our day. He is such a happy, friendly person.

    Without a doubt, we wanted to tell him how thankful we are for his service and kindness.


    Thinking of his job, we kept his gift practicle, but something he could enjoy while on the job. Rain or shine, hot or cold, he is always in his truck. Hopefully a Starbucks gift card will help him through a few days should he need it.

    Friends, our family has enjoyed sharing our days of giving and helping with you all. I hope you're all experiencing the wonder and joys of this Christmas season wherever you are. Take care and we'll see you tomorrow for Days 15 & 16.


    16 Responses to “
    Days Thirteen & Fourteen: Giving Thanks

    Kathleen Benefield said...

    But the big question is...how do you get your muffins so perfect? Mine always have a crack or a volcano looking sprout on top.

    Beth said...

    Your son's snowman sweater is so cute! And the muffins look pretty good, too!

    Ruth said...

    I am so thankful you have such wonderful neighbors

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