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    Days Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, & Twenty-Four: Good Deeds

    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Over the past few days we've been doing simple acts around our community. It's all coming to an end soon, but I suspect every day we'll still feel compelled to do a little more for others. It's an unexpected bonus from doing our "25 Days" project, and it makes me smile thinking about the little ways our family will continue to give.

    Day 22

    We spent our twenty-second day of December being our most considerate selves. I like to tell my children when they're not at their best to "act as if they've had some upbringing". We mother's take the manner in which our children behave and treat others very seriously~Southern or not. The challenge on this day was to be at our very best for the entire day. It's harder than it seems.

    It's so easy to yell across the house to someone instead of walking over to where they are. It's easy to let someone else hold the door open for you instead of holding it for them. It's easy to put yourself in line first at the post office instead of letting someone with package-filled arms. I could go on, but you get the picture.

    To prepare room in our hearts for the birth of Jesus our mission was this: to exercise the Golden Rule to its fullest. Do unto others, as Christ proclaimed. It was almost an exaggeration at times, but can I tell you how many people smiled and said thank you for our efforts? Every single one.

    Day 23

    Our grocery store has a food donation box by the exit. We tend to shop as the French do~going to store for what we need when we need it~so we're there a few times a week. I couldn't help but peek a few times and I was often surprised to see an empty box. Certainly I'm not there all hours of the day. There could have been times when it was completely filled, but I never saw it. We had plenty of canned goods and other foods in our pantry we weren't going to use, so working together we filled several bags to drop off.


    I can now say that the donation box was not only full, it was filled! And knowing the food was going to help families at Christmas time, so were our hearts.

    Day 24

    While I am very thankful to have my my parents with us and the scallywag back in good health, there is one person with a special place in my heart this year.


    This is my son's speech therapits, Miss Alisa. She has been instrumental in helping his language delveopment. With her weekly sessions combined with the "homework" she sends home with the scallywag, we have seen such an improvement! I am so grateful for her presence in our lives, and that she is helping our son to find his voice. In thanks, we gave her a little gift card treat~something to help her relax in her free time. With all the good she does, we thought it would be nice if she could have a little good done for her as well!

    I've noticed a theme among some of our "25 Days" projects and many of the people we chose to help or give to in some way we feel are people who are underappreciated. It's during this time of year that we do our best to show our appreciation to our loved ones, the people who are close to us. But what about the people we don't know? The people who help us daily that perhaps we barely glance at or acknowledge? Perhaps it was my own subconcious desire to seek out these people and say "thank you", but whatever the reason, it feels good to have done so.

    A Merry Christmas Eve to you all! Be safe and be happy.


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    Days Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, & Twenty-Four: Good Deeds

    Heather, MI said...

    Merry Christmas Beth! Thanks for sharing your lives with us (all your blogger readers). Have a blessed 2013.