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    Holding on Tightly

    Friday, December 14, 2012

    In this season of giving, it is a genuine delight to do something every day that may help someone else. But today I'm putting it on hold. Tomorrow I'll be back with both Days 13 & 14, for today, however, I'd like to use this time to ask everyone to pray.

    By now you all know of the horrific tragedy that took place in Newtown, CT. It has left us all feeling broken-hearted and filled with despair. Truly, this is the stuff of nightmares.

    We're all holding onto our little ones very tightly, embracing our loved ones and seeking comfort. Through all various forms of social media, people have been sending out messages of hope, prayer, and comfort. It's amazing the good will people have to give one another in an attempt to lift them up.

    Will you join me in continuing to offer such good will? This evening before you put your little ones or yourself to bed, close your eyes and take a moment to offer a prayer for everyone who has been marked by this tragedy. A second of prayerful thought can give a person lasting strength.

    We wish you a safe, and blessed season of Christmas. Have a good evening, and be sure to tell those your loved ones how special they are to you.