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    Merry & Bright

    Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    Good afternoon all and Merry Christmas! We in California are sending you the merriest and brighest of holiday wishes. Is your day of celebration shaping up to be everything you'd hoped it would be? Moreso? I certainly pray that is the case. Today we celebrate so much and after these past few weeks, I'm personally saying little prayers of Thanksgiving throughout.


    This morning dawned before the sun was even up. I'm sure y'all know a little something about that. To the wonderment of the children, tons of presents had appeared overnight. Santa did not diappoint.


    Eldest Elf was pleased as punch to see several for her!


    While she and Husband and the scallywag tore through gifts, Mom and Daddy opened theirs, too, but more often than not they were happy to sit back and watch the grandchildren in action. What is it about watching little ones rip through wrapping paper? It's almost as exciting as getting to open one yourself.


    There is so much excitement coursing through their little bodies. Every fiber of their beings are just elated that it's Christmas morning! They cannot wait to see what gifts they've received~not that I can blame them. There's such a build up to this day!


    The scallywag was so excited by his gifts he'd get stuck on one for the longest time before moving onto the next. This gave us plenty of time to see Eldest open her big present. She's turning 13 this year, y'all, so we decided to do something extra special for her.

    Isn't Eldest adorable? We could not think of a better first concert for a young girl than Taylor Swift! She's so cute and her music is wonderful. Confession: I was so excited for her to open her present I got impatient. "Focus!" Ha! She hasn't stopped talking about her gift yet, so this one was a smashing success.

    We're all very happy. It's been a wonderful day, and as the turkey cooks and the buttermilk pie sets, it's getting even better! I'm looking forward to this evening with family and friends, celebrating another blessed Christmas. I'm also excited to wear my new Brooks Brother's pj's as well! This girl is going to sleep in style tonight.


    It'll be the perfect way to motivate me for our huge shopping day tomorrow!

    A very Merry Christmas, friends! May the spirit of the season be with you all.


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    Merry & Bright

    Ruth said...

    I am glad all had a wonderful Christmas