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    Because It's Carnival Time!

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    I'm a New Orleans girl born and raised. This means that when January 6th rolls around we begin celebrating Mardi Gras season! Out come the beads, the cups and dubloons, the masks. And of course you've seen the beginnings of our Mardi Gras wreath.


    Celebrating this time of year is a grand tradition I've happily carried on with my children. But let us not be remiss! Without a doubt the best part of Carnival time~besides the parades~are the King Cakes.


    No one orders just one. No one. I've talked about my love for Haydel's King Cakes for years. There's some bias since they're family friends, but their King Cakes are the absolute best I've ever had. That said, thanks to two darling girls on Instagram, @lsumel & @andie325, I'm going to spread the Mardi Gras love and host a King Cake tasting party!


    Isn't it a great idea? We'll have King Cakes from Haydel's, Gambino's, Sucré, and any other y'all may be able to suggest! I want to make sure my California friends get an adequate taste of New Orleans during this time of year.

    The only thing that will make it a better experience will be listening to The Meter's while enjoying a coffee bar serving New Orlean's best, Cafe du Monde.


    So tell me...Who's coming to the party?

    2 Responses to “
    Because It's Carnival Time!

    Stefanie said...

    This sounds amazing! What can I do? I'd love to come!

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    I would love it if you came! Where in SoCal do you live? We're West of L.A. in Oak Park. If you can make it, all you need to bring is your sweet self. No worries!