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    Feeling Nauti-cal

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    If you remember my shopping list back in December, there were a number of pretty things I had in mind. A few made the cut, but after taking a long look into my closet I stopped. There were so many things in there already. Clothes, blags, shoes, scarves...It was overwhelming. This is what prompted my purge. I've been methodically going through everything, putting some up on eBay (madsjacks2008 if you're interested) and putting some aside for donations, and yet there is still so much to go through.

    Le sigh

    Here is where it get's a little interesting. While I was sorting through my wardrobe, a certain truth came to light. My taste runs tailored, classic, a dash of femininity, and an occasional splash of color. But I barely have any patterns! This is no lie: while I have a few patterned pieces, most of my clothes are as simple and unadorned as can be. This is because I used scarves, bags, and jewelry to add interest. Nothing wrong with that, right? It works for me so I'm going to go ahead and say no. There isn't anything wrong with it. This said I did make a resolution. I decided that once my closet has been purged, I would go on a pattern hunt!

    I'll be taking baby steps, so I thought I'd start off with something right in my comfort zone: stripes. I love anything that reminds me of sailing~don't ask me why. I've only been once. But there's something about the crisp, clean lines that always make a person look pulled together.

    I've been incredibly inspired by many a Spring line, so hopefully when I'm done sorting and selling these beauties will still be available (or on sale!!).






    It's only a few items~which is fine (great, if you ask my Husband)~but they're more than enough to pair with many of my solid pieces. Each one is a modern spin on the classic stripe. And really, for a girl who plays it safe, it's an easy and fresh jumping off point! Who knows? Maybe I'll get wild and grab a sassy floral. Doubtful, but you never know.

    I did own a pair of paisley pants once.

    If you were revamping your wardrobe, what would be the first thing on your wish list?

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    Feeling Nauti-cal

    Ruth said...

    That first dress is so you. Neither of us are known to buy patterned items.