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    Saturday, January 5, 2013

    One of the great joys of using Instagram is that I can capture and edit all of my pictures with the press of a finger~and without the weight of my regular camera. Bliss!

    Here are my recent favorites!

    Amazing chairs found at local thrift store! All they need is some TLC. Jackson goes back to school today! God bless his teachers-they are going to he exhausted by their day's end. #somuchenergy #backtoschool #darlingboy Delivering food to serve the hungry. Jackson is feeling especially cheeky (Lord love those chubby bebe cheeks!!) Inspired by the lovely @lsumel, I started to create our 2013 Mardi Gras wreath! All I need is a fun piece to go at the top-a mask or something. Suggestions? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...in a house with children. Just for comparison: the painted Parisian map and one of Jackson's 8 Audubon prints. Thoughts? #InstapicFrames Red velvet cake martini's for everyone! #yesitsthatgood We're off to L.A. To visit the Natural History Museum, enjoy lunch at the Nickel Diner, then play, play, play! Family outings are the best. Damage done: total. Happy, happy, happy! #shoppingsuccess #toryburch #katespade #forever21 #jcrew #brooksbrothers The morning after calls for lush (faux) furs, a French twist, big sunglasses, and an even larger Gingerbread Latte! When it's time for afternoon coffee a d present wrapping, only these fun Mississippi napkins from @umrebelbelle  will do! We're spending Mom and Daddy's last night in L.A. with dinner and drinks and lots of great laughter. I miss them already! When we deliver Starbucks on Christmas Eve eve, it gets very sparkly! Enjoy your beverages darlings. Well...This happened at the Nickel Diner. #maplebacondonut Love this girl! What a sweetheart. They're finally here and ready to be mailed! Totally worth the wait to see my two most precious ones. Jackson is in 7th heaven! The girls are enjoying their chocolate bar and watching Home Alone. God love these sweet girls! Poblano potatoes with huevos rancheras are always the beginning of a magnificent time at the Farmer's Market! The two most darling parents. We're going too miss them when they leave tomorrow! I'm feeling shaken and stirred. Oh, yes I am. The Present Basket: where opened Christmas presents go to prevent clutter. #youknowyouneedone I'm not wearing Grinch green because I'm not in the spirit. We're all excited to welcome in the holidays! So many things about this picture make me laugh. But mostly it makes me happy because bebe and I are making muffins to thank a truly wonderful neighbor. My heart is full and so happy after finding this crèche scene at a local store. As PC as the world has become, you just don't see these as often as you used to. Feeling like the Belle of the ball!

    What I noticed: furs, scarves, smiles, family visits, good food, better drinks, sparkles, and Christmas joy! Come follow me on Instagram and you'll see what I see every day: @thesouthernlady.

    Happy Saturday all, and HOTTY TODDY REBELS!

    We are Ole Miss and this is OUR state! Hotty Toddy Rebels!!!! Congratulations on the amazing win.

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    Instagram Picks

    Ruth said...

    I love them all.

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Love all your instagrams Elizabeth!!! Looks like y'all had a very festive holiday and I wish you the happiest of new years! I still love that of all the Christmas cards in the world that we had the exact same one :)

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Ruth, darling!

    Love you sweet girl and HOTTY TODDY right back at you! I'm so glad you were able to go to the game yesterday. What an amazing time for you!



    Elizabeth Quon said...


    Happy New year lovely lady! You are so sweet, and I, too, am still tickled to bits that we had the same Christmas card. Great minds, right? We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, and I certainly hope you all did, too. I was hoping and praying y'all beat that bug you were battling. Have a wonderful January and I'll see you around the blog!



    wowie said...

    So glad I found your blog via Instagram. Are you a Mississippi girl too?