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    Looking Forward

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    My parents are on their plane back to New Orleans. Two and a half weeks flew by! How does this always happen? We'll all miss them: their laughter, their conversations, their hugs and kisses. But I know two people in particular that will really feel their absence.


    The scallywag looks particularly surly, doesn't he? He was the most unhappy that his Mimi and Dee Dee were heading home. Thankfully we have plenty to keep us busy. The children are playing, I'm cleaning, tomorrow the scallywag goes back to school.


    We've been working on our Mardi Gras wreath (there's a bit more to do) and tonight we're going to Westminster Pres to fee the hungry once again. We always feel a let down after my parents leave-we love them so much. But there is so much to be happy about and be thankful for. As we dive into the new year we'll all keep that in mind during our day to day, looking forward to our next family visit.

    Have a wonderful day all!