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    Catalina Confessions

    Thursday, February 28, 2013


    This sweet girl is home and sharing some real gems from her trip to Catalina! Hopefully when her pictures come back next week we'll have some lovely images to share with you as well. For now, enjoy these little morsels that Eldest gleefully shared with me as we folded laundry together!

    "I liked snorkeling. It was pretty cool to see all the sea life under water. We even saw an angel shark~which was as big as our instructor. Was I nervous? No. Angel sharks don't eat people, mom. Plus, our instructor went to the bottom of the sea floor to start throwing sand at it and it didn't do anything."

    "The high-rope was cool. You had a harness, then your instructor clipped you on the back. The clip is tied to a rope forty feet above you and you're pulled to whatever height you want. I went all the way to the top. There's a cord that you're wearing and when you pull it, it releases the clip and you begin free-falling and at a point you start swinging. It was awesome!"

    "I didn't like the wet suits I had to wear while snorkeling during my night dive. They were cold, wet, and we had to put the tightest ones because our instructors told us that 'tight is right'. That means they fit snug and won't fall off~plus they're supposed to keep you warm in colder water. They kind of kept me warm."

    "The cabins. Oh, the cabins. Okay, so, the walls were bascially tarps and we were on the beach, so it was pretty cold. The view was the best part of the whole thing. At night, the doors didn't close properly because there were no handles on the inside, which made the cabins even colder. I had to sleep next to this vent in the wall and it was freezing. I was huddled in my sleeping bag, wearing my pajamas, sweatpants, sweatshirt, my wool hat~and socks~and I was still cold."

    "I loved waking up to the sound of the ocean. It was very refreshing."

    "We saw groups of dolphins and sea lions. It was so much fun! I tried getting pictures of them, but they moved very fast."

    "Did I mention the walls were basically tarps? You could hear everything from every other cabin."

    "The food was pretty good. They had potatoes au gratin~which was yummy. The french toast was decent, the sausage was good, but we were all disappointed because they never made pancakes. Why no pancakes?"

    "It was so much fun that I really wasn't ready to come home. I missed you guys, don't get me wrong, but there were tons of activities I wanted to do all over again."

    "There was one wierd moment. While we were disecting a baby squid (mom, don't make that face), my friends Molly and Olivia were looking at a fridge in the corner of the room (they were done and bored, so they were looking around), and they started laughing and pointed at these boxes on top. They were board games. The first one was checkers, but the second one had a rude word in the title. Everyone laughed. Can you believe they left that out?"

    "There was a volleyball court and a field to walk around on. We had plenty of free time to hang out~which was nice. The other group of 7th graders said their days felt rushed. We really got the chance to enjoy our location."

    "The showers never got warm. Never. They were in those tiny bathroom stalls~disgusting~and we were only allowed three minute showers. We thought they were joking (they weren't). I guess it didn't matter, though, since the water never got warm, you were in and out in three minutes anyway."

    And then there was this...


    "I snorkled, kyacked, did high and low ropes, participated in fish labs, kissed a sea cucumber-"
    "I'm sorry, you did what?"
    "I kissed a sea cucumber. We all did. You're supposed to get 7 years of good luck."
    "Really...You kissed a sea cucumber."
    "Once, Mom. Once! I didn't kiss it three times like everyone else."

    I was so tickled by Eldest's thoughts on her time in Catalina. It was nice to be able to talk so candidly with her and hear her unabashedly honest tales. There was a dryness to her humor that surprised me at times, but as she's gotten older, it's become more and more the norm. I find myself loving it. It suits her. It resonates with her personality. But what I'm taking away from this whole experience most, is that she really put herself out there and did things~on her own~that she'd never done before. Kyaking, night dives, swimming with sharks...Color me proud! I was thrilled to hear she had such a great time and made wonderful memories.

    And "Why no pancakes?" Totally putting that one on a t-shirt.

    Happy weekend all!

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    Catalina Confessions

    Heather, MI said...

    I am glad she had a great time. Loved the thoughts of a tween!

    Ruth said...

    I am so glad she had a wonderful time. I hate she got so cold at night though. Interesting fact about the sea cucumber. Maybe we need to find one to kiss Beth?

    Anonymous said...

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    www.thewowie.com said...

    Love "Why no pancakes?"... You should market it. I'll definitely buy a T shirt. :)

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