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    His Week

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013


    It has been a very busy week around here, friends. First, the scallywag was chosen as "Star of the Week" in his Monday, Wednesday, Friday class. Then he was selected to be "Friend of the Week" in his Tuesday, Thursday class! These couldn't have come at a better time. With Eldest gone, the little guy could have been moping around since big sister wasn't here to play with him. But with not one, but two bags of activities to complete and work on these past few days he's had little time to dwell on it. In fact, he's been having the best time!

    We've filled extra hours by playing at the park, meeting up with friends for play dates. It's kept us both busy, happy, and plumb tired by days end.


    I'm happy to say that Eldest returns home tonight. The scallywag is thrilled (and so am I). It will be so sweet to hear her voice in the halls and her laughter bouncing around the rooms. We're counting down the hours.

    I'll see y'all tomorrow when both of my babes are safely back under our roof.

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    His Week

    Ruth said...

    You need to share what his projects were