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    In the Kitchen: Cinnamon Roll King Cake

    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    They've been all over Pinterest because although they aren't very revolutionary, they actually are. Kind of. Cinnamon Roll King Cakes. If you know anything about King Cakes, they aren't terribly different from cinnamon rolls in the first place. Sweet dough laced with a layer of cinnamon and topped with icing...sounds familiar doesn't it? Our first one won't arrive until next Friday, but in the spirit of the Super Bowl being hosted in my hometown, I decided to have a little fun with some unopened cans of cinnamon rolls.


    You can do this one of two ways: prepare your cinnamon rolls as you normally would, then plate them in the shape of an oval. Ice, then pour your festive purple, green, and gold sprinkles on top. Now they're ready to be devoured! Your second option would be to twist the rolls together into the shape of your King Cake and repeat the same final steps. No matter your choice, it's a quick way to celebrate the carnival season and incredibly delicious! NOTE: If you can't find the sprinkles you can change the color of your icing with food coloring. I did and it worked out just fine.

    The best thing about this recipe is that it's inter-changable throughout the holidays. Use red and green sprinkles during Christmas, pink and red for Valentines, black and orange during Halloween...you get the picture. It's a simple year-round treat for the entire family and all of your friends.

    So the next time you come across some cinnamon rolls, jazz them up a little. Think outside the can!

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    In the Kitchen: Cinnamon Roll King Cake

    Ruth said...

    They look amazing