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    Making Children's Art Works of Art

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    We have 12 years of children's art in various states of storage. Eldest's prized pieces are in my parents storage unit in New Orleans while the scallywag's are tucked away in protective boxes in my closet. Somehow, though, a few of Eldest's framed pieces from her elementary school days made their way to California with us. They're in old, cheap frames from Target (think easily breakable plastic circa 2007), and until recently were resting inside an open box in our garage. There was some surprise that they'd survived this long.


    I knew I couldn't let them stay so exposed, and since the two pieces I found were two of my favorites, it became a mission to find a place to hang them in our home. I've always loved using our children's creations from school. In Charlotte, Eldest's pieces of art were all over the walls of our kitchen. They were special to her, and precious to us. Now two hang on the wall next to her Daddy's desk~mission accomplished!


    They were in dire need of a frame upgrade, so I mentally cheered when I remembered the silver frames we had from Japan. I thought it was a nice way to add a modern touch to traditional pieces. Husband would appreciate this since his tastes run more contemporary. I even flipped Eldest's living room study of shadow and light on its side. I thought it was a quirky, fun way to display the piece.

    This morning I can't help but sit back and look on these art works by my daughter with great fondness. Being in 7th grade, she now brings home essays, papers, and computer projects. Art projects seem to be a thing of the past. It's a blessing to still have a little one that is bringing home his own masterpieces. I suppose my next mission will to find a place to hang a few of his as well, and it's one mission I'm happy to accept.

    Have a lovely weekend, all. Take care!

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    Making Children's Art Works of Art

    Ruth said...

    That is certainly the perfect spot for them