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    Tea for Two

    Friday, February 1, 2013


    My daughter and I enjoy our tea times. It's a loving tradition that has been passed down from my mother, and one we're delighted to continue. For us it's a soothing practice. Unfortunately, we haven't sat down together for a good pot of tea in quite some time. She has a busy academic/social schedule, I get caught up in house upkeep, Board work, the Juniors, the scallywag...Life gets in the way.

    These things are important, but my little girl is going to be a teenager in two short months. Time is extra precious.

    Yesterday we stopped ourselves, put other things aside, and sat down. The evening light was warming the living room, the soft sounds of Chopin were playing, and the little guy was happily busy with his trains. The timing was perfect. One pot of steeped tea later, we were engrossed in good conversation, relaxed and happy.

    We were even able to use our newly monogrammed napkins from my friend, Paige. They were a special, unexpected addition to our tea time.


    Gosh how we missed this! The only thing that could have made it better would have been my mother's Windsor Court scones. Mmm. We may have missed them, but it didn't take away from our time together. It was lovely. And as we cleaned up and began prepping for dinner, Eldest and I made a date for a day February to enjoy a full tea. Scones, tea sandwhiches, mini-desserts~the whole nine yards. We cannot wait.

    I crawled under the covers at the end of the day feeling content. Perhaps a little thoughtful as well. My daughter and I have a really good relationship; it's a great blessing. But until we sat down for tea, I hadn't realized how much time had passed since we'd last talked so in depth. We chat, we ask and answer questions. We talk about our days at the dinner table and in the car rides to and from places. But a conversation that involved only us without interruption? I'm ashamed to say it had been a while. Life is busy, friends, and sometimes you have to step back and find a quiet moment. I'm so glad we found ourselves in one yesterday.

    Happy Friday everyone! And a special cheers to those special, quiet moments.

    3 Responses to “
    Tea for Two

    Gramspearls said...

    What a lovely post. Your daughter will have so many good memories of her Mother/daughter time. Here, here to traditions.

    I loved the monogram on your napkins from your friend. Where did she find them or were they monogramed seperatly (where?)

    Happy Fat Tuesday.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    Heather, MI said...

    I remember back in Memphis you taking M out for tea. Glad you two could enjoy some quiet time together.

    Brandi Nell said...

    What a sweet tradition?! I am certain she enjoyed it more than you did.