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    Meet Me...At The Great Race

    Monday, March 25, 2013


    This Saturday my daughter participated in a 5K in Agoura Hills called "The Great Race". Established in 1986 by parents trying to raise money for their children's elementary schools, it has become a very large, professionally produced event. As it's been voted the Best Half-Marathon in the U.S. in the past, this race clearly speaks to the importance of providing children with the best education possible.


    I was really happy to see Eldest and her girlfriends running for their school, and for others as well.


    And I loved her cheeky humor. I wonder how many people laughed when they were behind her? I'm hoping quite a few!

    At the end of the race~which lasted about an hour or so~I'm proud to say that Eldest came in in the top third of all participating! Out of almost 1500 ruunners, she came in 474th at 29 minutes. Now I'm not a runner, and this was my daughter's first 5K, but to me it sounded great and we couldn't be happier for her.


    It was a beautiful morning, a beautiful cause, and looking at these pictures, it was an event filled by people with beautiful hearts. Cheers to all Great Racers running everywhere!

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    Meet Me...At The Great Race

    Ruth said...

    Congrats to Maddy!!! And I love her shirt