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    Silver is Gold

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    It goes without saying that with a last name beginning with "Q", finding antique silver engraved with said initial is...difficult. To put it plainly: I've never found any before. But if any of y'all follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday it all changed. Completely.


    While picking up the remaining supplies for my daughter's science fair experiment, I discovered the Agoura Antique Marketplace~and it's only minutes from our home! I'd never heard of it before; no one had ever mentioned it. But the moment I walked through their open doors my heart pitter-pattered in delight. How it's not swarming with buyers, I don't know, but clearly an entire afternoon would be needed to enjoy the beautiful treasures inside. From various Limoges patterns and embroidered linens, to crystal chandeliers and beautifully restored pieces of furniture, this store had it all. Even silver.

    Naturally, I looked. I didn't expect to make a big discovery of any kind, so color me shocked when I found an assortment of silver teaspoons engraved with a beautifully scripted "Q". I checked a few times; I even asked the owner, but sure enough, it was the initial to my married name.


    With an extra skip in my step, I purchased two, then rushed home to clean them. Eldest was just as excited to see our special spoons. And as we used them to stir the cream into our teas, there was something just a little more magical about each sip. Perhaps you'll think I'm silly, but friends, when you've been looking for engraved silver as long as I have, you truly appreciate it once it's found.

    It's worth it's weight in gold!

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    Silver is Gold

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    I do the same thing -- congrats on your find!

    Ruth said...

    I know that is exciting. Enjoy them and I hope you can get more soon.