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    Spring Wreath

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013

    Needless to say, living in sunny SoCal means we don't really have a winter. It gets overcast and chilly, cold even, but we never break out the heavy coats. It feels like a mild Spring most days, so I figured why not? Let's break out the Spring decor!


    I love a good wreath. Unfortunately, this wasn't one in the beginning. There was a little sprucing needed. Allright, a lot of sprucing needed. It was incredibly drab. The grapevine was frail, the hydrangeas were spread out randomly, half the leaves were gone...It just wasn't all it could be~but the potential was there. The price was right as well, so a year ago I brought it home and used it knowing the inspiration would strike eventually. Who knew it would take 12 months?

    I had eight bunches of berry sprays sitting in a vase, and as I walked by with the wreath recently, it happened: inspiration. Why not use the berry sprays as filler? It helped eleminate the awkward spaces between flowers, added more depth to the wreath, and the color! What a welcome, beautiful shade hearkening to Spring's return.


    A little hot glue action after placing the stems into place and voila! A new Spring wreath was born. We still may have until March 20th for Spring to really begin, but in our home, we've already laid out the welcome mat (or wreath)!

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    Spring Wreath

    Sundresses and Smiles said...

    Hi Instagram friend!!!

    I'm loving this wreath- the berry sprays are so pretty and could be a beautiful wreath even on their own. Smart thinking!

    Stop by my blog and say hi sometime!

    Ruth said...

    It looks great! We haven't had much spring this year either. But we are getting a good dose of it this weekend so I gave myself a day off Friday to enjoy. Okay so to get some yard work and house stuff done.

    Anonymous said...

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