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    Let the Countdown Begin!

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Ours was very nice, but truth be told I was really focused on a single fact: as of this morning, we are on a big countdown.


    April 1st may be April Fools Day to y'all, but to us it means that in 11 days we'll have a teenager in the house!


    This is a little like my reaction, too. Husband is in denial (just a bit), Eldest is pretty stoic about it, but I'm actually pretty excited.


    This is one special girl. Really, she is. I am thrilled as each year passes to see how much more she has grown. Sweet, gentle-hearted, smart, vibrant, and precious...she is all of these things to me. I can't wait to celebrate her thirteen magnificent years this April the 12th.


    Happy Almost Birthday, darling girl! Let the countdown begin.

    2 Responses to “
    Let the Countdown Begin!

    Ruth said...

    I am with Shannon with the bit of denial it is happening. It does not seem possible. Though I am excited to see what her teen years bring

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