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    Football Fever

    Thursday, August 29, 2013


    Well, friends. It's finally here. After a very long wait, college football is back! I enjoy watching the Saints as much as any other New Orleanian, but my true passion lies in the SEC and Ole Miss football. Growing up visiting Oxford, listening to tales by William Faulkner, tailgating beneath the chandeliers and sprawling oaks~it's all part of the Ole Miss football experience.


    As many of you know, half the fun of any game day is what happens before the actual game. Every school has a cherished tradition; each person wearing their colors and pride as badges of honor. But there's something extra special about the way Rebel fans celebrate our boys in red and blue. No other school enjoys their festivities with as much elegance, warmth, or timeless tradition as Ole Miss. It's one of the reasons we're ranked No. 1 consistently on tailgaiting polls. If you'll allow my Rebel pride to shine for a moment, we also top the polls in prettiest college town, most beautiful co-eds, and are known as the shcool that may not win every game, yet wins every party.


    That's right; we're not number one in football. But we do have a team of good young men who play with great heart, and under the guidance of Hugh Freeze we'll get up there in the polls. For now, I'm happy to have a team and fans who participate in game weekends with hearty spirits and open arms to all who visit (not all schools do).


    As our boys begin their season away in Nashville this evening, all I can say is I'm glad we have plenty of red and blue to wear. I have a feeling we're going to have an outstanding season! Welcome back college football.



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    Football Fever

    Elizabeth P said...

    So ready for football season! There is a buzz in the air in our house and even here at work. Such a fun time of year! ~Beth

    Ruth said...

    HOTTY TODDY!! A wonderful tribute to our Rebels.