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    Five on Friday

    Friday, September 13, 2013

    Hey there friends! It's time for another link up with Darci and Five on Friday!

    One: Bottletree Bakery


    This weekend is going to really show what our Rebels are made of. We're 2-0 and playing Texas. Here's the thing: they're fresh off a really nasty defeat which means they'll probably be out for blood. Things may get intense. No matter the end result, I'll be proud to wear my red & blue and be a Rebel tried & true. The funny thing is, even though it's an away game, my mind is back in Oxford and on thoughts of Bottletree Bakery. Completely random, yes, but take one look at these fresh, handmade pastries and tell me you don't want to be there, too. Y'all know Martha Hall Foose, right? The lovely Southern woman who wrote "Screen Doors and Iced Tea"? Well, she started Bottletree and used to bake all their goods. And if she's involved, you know it's got to be good. If you're ever in Oxford, you must eat at Bottletree at least once.

    Two: Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies


    There is no way I could make a list during this time of year and not include something pumpkin. These may not be new, but they're new to me. I have a mild pumpkin obsession, so when I found them at our supermarket they had to be tried. Are they good? No. They're fantastic! I suggest you try them or the Apple Cobbler cookies Pepperidge Farm has just put out. They're a perfect taste of Fall.

    Three: Kindergarten Homework?


    Kindergarten certainly has changed since I was 5 years old. Gone is the endless freestyle finger-painting and story times. It's much more academic these days~even moreso than when Eldest was a Kindergartener. Two days ago the scallywag came home with "English" worksheets (tracing and writing letters), and a Math workbook. The letters were expected, but the book with addition and subtraction? That's new. Thankfully the little guy loves "activity sheets". With the right approach, I think he'll be just as enthusiastic a student as his sister. Here's to hoping!

    Four: Pumpkin Decorating


    Ok, two pumpkin mentions today; I can't help myself. I was searching through storage and found the metal tins with tall grass you see in the above picture. It made me nostalgic for our days in Charlotte. There was so much room to decorate (almost too much), but my favorite space was always the dining room. It was completely underutilized, but our buffet had so much room it was exciting to doll up the surface with each changing season. Obviously Fall was my favorite. It was the first time I tried to decorate with different types of pumpkin, and probably felt that initial sense of accomplishment in regards to making the house feel like our home. Maybe I'll do the same here. We'll see.

    Five: Stripes


    Eldest has a signiture pattern: stripes. I can't remember a time when she didn't love them, and it's become clear that her friends have noticed this trend as well. It earned her a fairly obvious, though cute nickname. She's called Stripes, or "S", for short. Considering my brief love of a certain Upper East Sider also called "S", I was a little smitten with the moniker. But let's be clear: that's the only thing my girl will have in common with the other "S". It's funny how unconcerned Eldest is with clothing most of the time, but when it comes to stripes, she takes them very seriously. What a funny girl.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by to check out this week's Five! Have a great weekend and y'all remember: HOTTY TODDY!!

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    Five on Friday

    jess said...

    Pumpkin cheesecake cookies? Just what I needed, lol There are too many delicious things in the fall, hello winter weight gain!


    Ruth said...

    I might have to drive down to Oxford now for a Bottletree fix. There are some great memories in that little shop.
    I have a similar shirt to Maddy's.