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    Happy Fall, Y'all!!

    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    I've been waiting to be able to say those three, sweet words. Fall is here! It's crisp and cool in Southern California, and though silly to think so, I'm going to go ahead and believe that my early Fall decorating had a little something to do with it. That seems logical, right?

    Really, though, it's lovely. Everything seems more awake. Renewed. The sky is clear, the air is fresh, and everything tastes better. There is no better feeling than when the seasons begin to turn. A large part of me wishes we were home to enjoy the beautiful foliage~it's one thing Southern California just doesn't have. But what it lacks in pretty leaves, we can make up with this year's Fall Bucket List.


    I can appreciate a list of autumnal musts aimed at Southern Belles, and this one by Lindsey Michelle is too precious to ignore. So let's see how many we get crossed off this year. It should be fun!

    Are y'all with me?

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    Happy Fall, Y'all!!

    Ruth said...

    I can happily say I have marked two of those off my list. It will be in the 50s when I wake up so a cup of hot chocolate while cheering on my Bears before bed sounds wonderful