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    Shipley's Donuts

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    With our mornings chilly and often overcast, Fall is definitely preparing to touch down in Southern California. Right now the high's are dropping to the low 80's and mid 70's. It's perfect.

    These mornings make me think of hot drinks, cozy light-weight sweaters, and donuts for breakfast. You would think in a family-friendly community like the one we live in there would be at least one of the donut trifecta's near by: Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, or Bob's. There isn't. We have some smaller, family-run ones, and though I do love a good Mom and Pop shop, the donuts aren't that great.


    It's times like these I think about Shipley donuts. They're only found in a few Southern states, so getting my hands on them is a bit of a pipe dream. It doesn't stop me from thinking about them though. They're sweet, round, fried pieces of confectionary perfection. Yes, they are that good. I have very good memories as a young girl, and as a young parent, of eating a hot glazed while sitting around my parents kitchen table in Oxford. Sometimes I'd dip into the chocolate glazed if I was feeling a little wild.

    It felt like a rite of passage to watch my own two little ones partake in our Oxford tradition. On game day mornings, we'd find ourselves bundled up on the porch or deck, sipping coffee, nibbling on a Shipley's. Sometimes they would be a farewell breakfast after church; a different kind of communion. Regardless, the taste and memories associated with these donuts are warm and welcome. Hopefully, we'll make a trip home this year and share in this tradition again.

    Have a lovely weekend, friends. I'll see you next week!

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    Shipley's Donuts

    Ruth said...

    And now I am craving one. A good thing I didn't see this before I went to work this morning as I get the joy of driving by one each day. My favorite is the maple glazed as they are the only place that carries them on a regular basis though not many a day.

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    I cannot tell you how jealous I was-with a capital "J", mind you-that you went and grabbed a Shipley's. Totes not fair, but I love you because I know you enjoyed it. I hope you had a great weekend.,



    Andie said...

    We had a shipley's in my college town and I used to love getting up early on Sundays to grab myself some blueberry buttermilk cake donuts. :) I miss shipley's terribly and now this is making me want to go back to Natchitoches for a weekend!