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    Spice Up Your Life!

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    Y'all will have to excuse the use of a Spice Girls lyric, but goodness, am I feeling spicy today! Pumpkin spicy.


    I'm feel like I'm one of the last to grab one of these baby's, but my morning is so much better after just a few delicious sips. And can we talk about how cute these coffee collars are? Sweet!


    I'm feeling that much closer to Fall. The pumpkin spice latte: go get yours today.


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    Spice Up Your Life!

    Katie @ Team Skelley said...

    Not a fan of pumpkin (yucko) unless I am decorating with them, but when the salted caramel mochas are back, I will be there with bells on! And the peppermint mochas with sprinkles!

    Like your new banner!

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    while I love, love, love all things pumpkin, I understand not liking a certain thing with a passion. For me, it's hazelnuts. The smell makes me ill for some reason! I a, also excited for the salted caramel mocha. Between it and the Gingerbread Latte, fall and winter are my favorite Starbucks seasons!

    Have a lovely new day and enjoy your new blog. It looks amazing,

    Kathleen Benefield said...

    whomp whomp we dont get that in HK....

    Ruth said...

    I am glad your fave is back and if it is back it means my fave is back too. I love me some salted caramel mocha.

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    Well boo in that. The upside is that you do have Starbucks. I remember visiting a few on our trips to Homg Kong. Pinterest has a few good PSL recipes if you're interested...

    Elizabeth Quon said...


    Maybe they do, but I haven't seen them yet. Here's to hoping! Let me know.