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    The Mitzvah Maven

    Monday, September 9, 2013


    One of the newer experiences my daughter has been exposed to in her 13th year have been Bat Mitzvah's. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know she attended one last Saturday. In four months she's already been to three, and while that may seem like a low number, to us, the Bat Mitzvah neophytes, it's a lot. Number four will be in November, and I feel, since she seems to be making regular appearances at all the Mitzvah's these days, Eldest has rightly earned the moniker of Mitzvah Maven.

    She's been very happy to see her friends reach this important milestone in their Faith. It's a very special day (or two, depending on the person), and one she loves being a part of. It's also been very enlightening. We've learned about the significance of names, numbers, the extravagance of the after parties, and of course, the appropriateness of attire. Did you know showing your shoulders during the service is a big no-no? I sure didn't! Come along with me as we check out Eldest's fashionable foray into the world of the Bat Mitzvah.






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    The Mitzvah Maven

    Ruth said...

    She looks so grown up in the first two outfits.